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Painting wooden floor


New or old floorboards can be varnished or painted. Let’s talk about painting this time.
First make sure no gaps are between floor boards. Some can be filled with a flexible acrylic filler, larger ones with cork strips. If the floor was previously painted or varnished give it a light sand with 80 G sand paper. New bear wood will need priming and undercoating. For a topcoat use a special floor paint. I don’t recommend common gloss or satin wood. These have no good properties to be repeatedly walked on and wear out very quickly. The floor paint is usually Polyurethane alkyd resin, very strong chemical so don’t underestimate it and please use an appropriate respirator mask.
After you have sealed and hovered the floor so no dust particles, hair or anything is present start painting around skirting board and skirting if required. It’s better not to work on your own as other person can start painting larger areas. Always start on the opposite side from the exit door so you are finishing at the door otherwise you are in trouble....  You can use a wide brush or a roller. I find some paints too sticky for a roller. Usually two coats are enough for common domestic use.  Before you star please read carefully instruction and call the manufacture in case of doubt or need specific piece of advice.


Most common good quality floor paints



floor paint1floorpaint2floorpaint3




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